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Having the right tools that work is essential when creating.  They can make all the difference.  What I have listed below are tools that I use to create.  All of them have been tested by me, and I use them regularly.  I recommend each and every one.  As you know, I usually purchase all the gear that I review and use.  Check back regularly because I'm always finding new amazing gear! If you click a link on this page it will support my YouTube channel, and help me continue to make honest reviews.


Shure KSM32/SL

This is my everyday workhorse.  I absolutely adore this microphone.  It's my number 1 recommendation.


Logitech Blue Ember

This microphone is such a smooth-sounding mic that really rejects plosives. It has a great vintage sound.


Shure PGA 181

If I ever needed a microphone to match the MKH416, this would be it.  It's so close. Great low end, fantastic articulation.


Neat King Bee 2

The King Bee 2 is probably the best bang for the buck here in terms of a VO microphone. So clean, and accurate.


Sennheiser MKH416

This is my secondary go-to microphone. I use it when I need a deep clean sound with good articulation in the top end.


Shure Super 55

The Super 55 is that classic looking microphone that seems to be what everyone things of. It's great for stage work, but not VO.


Sennheiser EW112P

There are a lot of wireless systems to choose from these days, but none of them beat the sound quality of the Sennheisers.


Neat Worker Bee 2

This mic often goes on sale, and is worth every penny. Again, a great starter mic, very flat, almost as good as its big brother.


Audio-Technica AT2040

The AT2040 is my preferred dynamic microphone for when I'm working outside of my booth, for zoom calls, or even for Youtube vids.


Audio-Technica AT2020

So many voice actors start with this mic, and for good reason. It has a fantastic sound, very accurate and flat. 


Logitech Blue Spark

Mine is actually orange color, but this is the same model, just in black. Fun microphone, very present sounding.


Rode NT1-A

Ask any voice actor and they will be able to recommend the NT1A. Known for low self-noise and a clean sound.


sE Electronics V7

On the occasion that I need a handheld dynamic, this is my first choice. Built like a tank and sounds fantastic.




Tula Microphone

One of the best-sounding USB mics to date.  Plus, with all of its other features, it's my go-to mic when I need versatility.


sE elecronics NEOM

This mic goes to 11, seriously. It has gain for days.  A modern bright clear sound that looks good on camera.


Rode NT-USB Mini

This is a small but mighty mic. I only recommend this mic for podcasting, while using the Rode software or Rodcaster


Neat Bumblebee 2

This small USB-C microphone is warm and quiet. It has an accurate sound that can hold it's own against some pricey alternatives.


The Tempest

A massive diaphragm is the key to this mics warm vintage tone. A great USB mic for someone looking for that warm sound.



Great looking mic and a nice tone. Be careful though, it has a problem with handling noise. But with a tone like this....


Shure MV7 Combo

Many call it the little brother of the SM7B.  It's preferred by podcasters for its clean clear mid-forward sound. Great sounding mic.


Samson Q9U

This combo USB/XLR mic has a lot of features with a modern sound. Versatile and clean, very present and mid-forward.


Rode VideoMic GO 2

Small but mighty! It's been a great addition to my mobile rig for when I'm recording on the go. Works great with the iPhone.



Apollo Twin X

My primary interface. Amazing preamps and plugins that can deliver amazing sound.  I use this every day. 


Scarlett 4i4

This is my control room interface, and backup to the Apollo. It's super clean, easy to use, and affordable.


Zoom F3 Field Recorder

Technically a field recorder, but can act as an interface. This mighty little recorder/interface records in 32 bit float for amazing results.

Studio lights

Studio lights

Neweer 660's

LED panels work great in my studio because I have very little room.  The softboxes are a must with this kit.


Falcon Eyes RX-12T

Flexibility is the name of the game with this light. Plus its dome diffuser is one of the best I've seen at this price.


Ivisii G2 Pocket RGB

My go to RGB pocket light. This one really packs a punch. Long battery life and great color, it's the perfect touch of color.

Camera Gear

Camera gear

Canon M50 ii

Quality doesn't have to be expensive, and this camera proves that. A great little camera with excellent image quality.


Canon EF-M 15-45mm

This is my outdoor blogging lens. Solid, lightweight, and with quiet autofocus and stabilization. Decent depth of field as well.


Sigma 16mm/1.4

My primary studio lens. Fantastic clarity and shallow depth of field. I love this fast lens for its ability to capture at workable light levels.


Canon XA11

Crazy reliable field camera. When I"m at a live event this is the camera that is my first choice. Also good as a studio B cam.


Canon EF-M 22mm/2.0

I adore this little pancake lens. Really lightweight and great depth of field.  I use this inside on the teleprompter and on the gimbal


K&F ND2-400 Filter

If I want to shoot outside with my prime lenses, this adjustable filter allows me to compensate for variable lighting conditions.


Gobe 67mm ND 1000

In the brightest conditions this ND filter comes in really handy. My prime lenses are really fast and this works so well.


Rode PSA1+

So many boom arms on the market today, this one hands down is the best of all of them. I've tried a bunch.


Audio-Technica ATH-M50x

Sennheiser HD280 pros

What can I say, they're orange! Great closed-back headphones. Super comfortable for long sessions in the booth.

These are excellent closed-back headphones that have a really flat response if I need the most accurate sound profile for editing.

Mogami Gold XLR 


I won't trust my mic signal to any other cables. These cables allow me to run 50 feet between my control room and booth.


Pull Down Green Screen

I tried all kinds of green screens. The pull down version is free of wrinkles and easy to keep out of the way when not in use.


Zhiyun Crane M2s Gimbal

I use this gimbal with my Canon M50 2. Smooth like glass when I need it. A lot of features to make this better than the M3.

Beachtek DXA-micro Pro

The Canon M50 has weak preamps for audio, so this is really helpful for getting in-camera audio that clean and clear.


LEVOIT air filter

So important to have an air purifier with an active carbon filter to get rid of all the chemicals from sound treatment

GVM TQ-M Teleprompter

Teleprompters can be tricky and can make life more difficult, this is the easiest to set up and use for sure. And the app is great. 


DJI OM 5 Gimbal

The best smartphone gimbal I've ever used. So small, I shoot with it all the time. Plus the app is amazing!


Elgato Camlink 4k

Do not by a cheap capture card. You will regret it. This elgato cam link keeps everything in sync and gives you a crystal clear image.


Stedman XL Pop Filter

This is my second favorite pop filter. Good at redirecting those nasty plosives away from the mic and not in your recording.


Roxul 3" Mineral Wool

This sound treatment material is safe and easy to use. Hands down the best treatment for the full spectrum of audio for absorption.


Ulanzi Flexible Tripod

You will not find a better flexible tripod than this. I've used this for more than 2 years and it's still in great condition.


Ulanzi Camera Desk Mount

Setting up a tripod every time I wanted to shoot was a barrier to creating content. This mount is a fast way to always be ready.


Impact 7ft Wall Mount

This wall mount is a time saver and desk space saver. Make sure you plan ahead and mount this where you need your light.

Manfrotto Tripod

I've had my Manfrotto tripod for more than 20 years. It's held up in the field to countless gigs. They don't make the 3130 anymore, so this is the closest I could find.


SanDisk Extreme Pro SDXC

Ok, this is a bit silly. Extreme. Pro. Sdxc - Super duper - Most excellent - Lit.  It's an SD card. It's reliable and fast. There you go.


SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD

Again, silly.  Why can't it just be the SanDisk portable SSD? What's with all the extremes all the time? To be fair, it is fast.


KRK RP5 Rokit G4

I've had these Rokit speakers for more than 10 years and they are a workhorse. Great flat response.Newest model listed.


Rolls PM50s Amp

This is a great little box, allowing me to extend my headphone output and adjust the levels on my headphones while in the booth.


SmallRig Magic Arm

I have half a dozen of these around my office. They are so handy for odd things. They work great and hold tight.


SmallRig 9.5" Arm

LyxPro SMT-1 93"Boom Stand

Also so very handy. I use this all the time when setting up my camera for different shots. Locks tight and holds strong.

Not just for microphones! I've used it as a camera mount too! Very versatile and sturdy. Great way to get your mic off the desk.

Apple Camera Adapter

If you're going to be using your iPhone for any sort of film making, you gotta have one of these little adapters. 

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