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voiceover video demos.

In the abundance of promotion and advertising, standing out and getting noticed is exceptionally difficult.  Voiceover demos start to all sound alike. Setting your demo to a video can raise your level of professionalism and help you be remembered. Check out the samples below and reach out when you're ready to get noticed.

Instagram Reels

Vertical video is here to stay, and Instagram, Tik-Tok, and YouTube shorts have made a massive paradigm change in the way we view video content.  Make sure you're on trend and featured when it comes to this new format.


Your demo is a result of hard work and a significant investment in your voiceover career. Each spot tells a story and shows a facet of your abilities. Create a video that showcases your efforts and raises your level of professionalism. This package includes up to 8 spots or under 2 minutes of content.

full demo.

single spot.

Single spot videos are great for when you want to make a quick impact. Initially created for email marketing, these single spots are a great way to utilize the power of video in a strategic and targeted way. Sharing your content in a way that creates interest and leaves your potential client looking for more.


Audiograms have been made popular by podcasters who are looking to post their content on YouTube or other video hosting sites.  This is a great tool for the budget-conscious voice actor. Simple and straightforward, the audiogram allows you to convey more information about you and your brand to the client than just an audio demo alone.

lower third.

You booked a great spot and your client has agreed that you can use the spot for your own marketing!  Fantastic!  A lower third adds your name and contact information to the video so that when your potential client is watching, they know exactly how to get in touch with you.

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